Besel & Schwaeller Kapcsolóberendezések Kft.

The Besel & Schwäller company, together with its 111 employees moves to Füssen

Filled with light: the new production hall of Besel & Schwäller in Füssen. Photo: Benedikt Siegert, uploaded by Camilla Schulz

The Besel & Schwäller company moves its control cabinet production aimed at large customers to Füssen. The company’s establishment that costed seven million euros has been operating since 11 February. The plant is situated on the western edge of the town of Füssen, in the industrial area of the Special Purpose Association of the Allgäu Region (Zweckverband Allgäuer Land). The 111 employees will produce control cabinets that will mostly be used in the mechanical industry and in medical engineering.

Find out about how the company dealt with the challenges of moving while not adversely affecting the production, and also about its plans for future development in the Füssen edition of the local paper, the Allgäuer Zeitung on Friday, 22 February 2019.