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Cable tagging

According to our customer needs, we provide the possibility of printing cables used in the switch cabinet. The advantage of this tagging system is that there is no need for separated tags and tag holders in order to mark the cable ends; thus the time needed for putting the cable end tags onto their places can also be entirely spared.

Information printed on the cable is repeated on the cable surface in previously set distances. Information concerning the two ends of filament fibres can be clearly distinguished, which ensures fast and simple cable connecting.

The tagging system printed on the cables has a huge advantage when a failure must be determined in case of a completed apparatus reports anomaly. Service failure detection is smoothened by the constantly visible tags printed on the cable surface. These tags are present even if the length of one or two cables changes. Information visible this way shortens the time of failure detection and the efficiency of apparatus maintenance.

With the help of our company’s cable tagging machines, we can print twisted wires from 0.5 to 6.0 mm2, regardless of colour and insulation material.