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Tag printing

With our most up-to-date laser tag printer, we offer the BLUEMARK tagging system of PHOENIX CONTACT. The widely used and spread tagging system can be quickly manufactured and mounted, it is durable and transparent. The system is perfectly able to handle flexible customer needs as well as changes occurring during switch gear manufacturing.

The BLUEMARK tagging system is able to prepare tags for cables, strip terminals, inside or outside the switch cabinet. The mounting process for the tags is unified.

The system named THERMOMARK ROLL is also a well-established tagging system of PHOENIX CONTACT. The printer, based on the thermal transfer principle, helps us to extensively offer our customers this cost-effective, fast and flexible solution. Printed, self-adhesive tags with various widths and sizes can be fixed to devices and cables as well.

The MURRPLASTIK ACS tagging system is an extensively available system, which is easy to prepare and simple to use. We offer the ACS tagging system to our customers by using a special printer. This tagging system can be applied in the switching gears, on the cables and cable harnesses connected outside the switching gear, as well as on the pieces of apparatus themselves.

The MURRPLASTIK ACS tagging system can be manufactured in multiple colours, depending on the place of usage. Its mounting to devices and cables of switch gears is carried out according to a fixed standard.